About this site

I'm Bob Osola, my personal site is mainly about displaying GPX files from hikes and rides on Ordnance Survey maps.

Out of the blue one day, I got an email from a man who had randomly googled his way there. That man was Roger Marsh and he wanted to ask me about a map coding issue. We got chatting, and it turned out that he lived about a mile away from me! So we agreed to meet up for a coffee and have a nerdy chat about maps and local history here on the south coast of England.

Rog told me about the National Library of Scotland, and showed me some LIDAR-based terrain layer maps which showed the remains of buildings under dense foliage. All of this stuff was completely new to me despite having a run a site devoted to Ordnance Survey maps for many years. He also told me about the long-forgotten World War One American Red Cross hospital which had been built close to one of my favourite local walks. But despite having lived here for 30-odd years, I had never even heard of it. I was immediately hooked and soon got to work on this site, so here we are.